Quality dog products can be tricky to come by in a period of buck store dog toys. The Cavalier's Boutique offers everything from designer squeaky toys, plush toys, ropes, and gnaw toys, to high quality collars, leashes, dog beds, and dog bowls. 

The owners were electrified by their own Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to develop a boutique focused on both supplying dogs with quality items and helping support dog rescue associations. Their dog Penny is the well-known spokesperson for their organisation. Plenty of the setups they push are especially geared towards the rescue of Cavalier King Charles dogs, including the non-profit, tax free, volunteer programme Cavalier Rescue USA. 

One of the unique products on offer at the Cavalier's Boutique is the Spaw tearstain remover. Some dogs are prone to getting dark tearstains underneath their eyes, which are tough to remove from furry faces. Spaniels, poodles, Maltese, and Bichon dogs are especially certain to get tearstains that may irritate their skin, and are tricky to remove. Sold under the name Eye Envy, Spaw is a good choice for dog lovers who are all too conversant with the difficult process of successfully removing tearstains. 

The dog bowls available at the Cavalier's Boutique are diverse in scope. They have raised feeders available for bigger dogs, particularly dogs prone to making a mess with their food. Their other dog bowls are available in both stoneware and hand painted formats, both embellished with images of either dog bones or Cavalier King Charles Dogs. Shoppers can choose amongst a good range of colors and designs for both, adding a hint of uniqueness to their products. 

The Cavalier's Boutique dog beds come in a multitude of sizes and styles, including their slightly weird flower-shaped Bloom Beds. Dog beds are usually identifiable around the house. Having dog beds that might simply be floor-based household decorations can be great for any trendy dog keeper. The Bloom Beds are made of hypoallergenic fabric for sensitive dogs, and green fiber for responsible dog owners. 

The Cavalier's Boutique also has pillow and lounger beds available. Owners and their dogs can decide which they like, re both comfort and aesthetics. Some owners enjoy accessorizing their dogs just as surely as they might themselves. The Cavalier's Boutique has dog fur bows and charms for their collars. Doting owners can demonstrate their dedication to their dogs and fashion. 

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