Are you looking out for that special souvenir to keep your lost friends cremains in? That exceptional something that will not only protect what valuable little is left, but will help keep their memory alive for you in a nice demeanour? Then maybe you should think about getting an attractive piece of souvenir jewelry that will hold that dear piece of memory for you that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere you go. A fabulous place to search for the perfect keepsake is Ashes to Ashes Urn Company, who have been around since 1987. They were the first to create the Ashes to Ashes cremation jewelry, and are still the best when talking of creating the best souvenir jewelry on the internet. They have the one of the biggest inventories for you to select from, and guarantee every single piece with a 100% lifetime replacement pledge as well as a money back guaranty if you are not satisfied for any reason, no quibble.

Losing a loved one, whether it was a member of the family, a dearly loved pet, or an excellent pal can be hard enough without the extra hassle of discovering a way to keep their cremains safe. So at Ashes to Ashes, they try to make the transition process as carefree as feasible with straightforward paths to keep that special lost one close to your heart and mind. When looking through the Ashes cremation jewelry, you'll find just the very best quality craftsmanship available, not the inexpensive copies you'll find someplace else on the web.

Ashes cremation jewelry comes in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Each sterling silver piece is formed in-house so that they can claim full accountability for everyone. There are small crosses, heart shaped lockets, celtic life knots, crescent moons with hearts, tiny towers with designs on them and many more. They even now offer little charms that may go on a band or necklace, which ever you decide. Ashes to Ashes now also carries jewellery made of stainless-steel that are far more popular for men and is a bit lower in cost for large family requests. 1 or 2 pieces are less than $50, and there are more that's less $100 with several being available for private engraving. They also offer lovely sterling silver chains to put your charms on for a very low price.

Also included with every order are instructions on how to fill your special piece of cremation jewelry, a little funnel to make it less complicated, and a special screwdriver to open it with if it needs one. There are also videos and instructions on their site to help you fill it yourself if you need it. For those who are against filling the pieces themselves and need it, Ashes to Ashes will fill it for you for no additional charge. You can just send in a tiny portion, and they'll fill it and send any extra back with your jewellery.

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