They can be seen all over campusin study rooms, eating at the quad, or hanging out in front of their chapter houses on the weekend : sorority sisters and brotherhood bros in their Greek paraphernalia are spotted everywhere they are going. 

They're an exclusive lot and everybody wants to join, but is it the right choice for each student? Should everybody who goes to school try and rush a fraternity or sorority? Earning the prerogative to wear those prestigious Greek letters isn't a straightforward task, and infrequently it is not the right environment for each freshman, but the advantages are many, not only when in university, but even for long after graduation. 

One of the biggest advantages of joining a brotherhood or a sorority is that the members will meet lots of different folk thru their place. Whether or not it is at the campus, at parties, or at a house event, they're going to be bound to make many friends who will enrich their college experience. They can also have a feeling of belonging, which is important for any school freshman, especially if he or she is going to varsity far from home. 

This feeling of bro and sisterhood can ease that feeling of homesickness and solitude, especially if the pledges are accepted and invited to live at the chapter house. Not only will the newly-accepted promises make many new chums, but they themselves will be spotted all over campus as they sport their Greek merchandise hoodies, sweaters, hats, and accessories will let everybody around them know into which house they have been accepted so that other individuals can recognize them as a part of the family. 

Another great advantage to joining a brotherhood or sorority ( aside from all of the cool Greek paraphernalia the members get to wear ) is that those that do have this experience learn realworld talents that will give them a massive advantage when they are going out into the corporate word. 

Leadership, how to work with all different types of people, the best way to communicate with folks who are different than they are, and how to work as a unit are just a few examples of the skills folks learn when they join these affiliations. By having to get money and run community events, fraternities and sorority members must work as a single team, and this gives its members an edge later on when they must do the same in the working world. 

There are drawbacks to joining these setups nevertheless , and the largest one is it takes up a large amount of time. Many students don't know how to organise their time when they first go to university, so this might impact some scholars in a bad way. It can also be expensivehaving to buy all of the Greek merchandise for one's house in order to support it can be pricey, and they do need you to support the house in future times. There are several benefits and drawbacks to joining a fraternity or sorority, but generally, it'll enrich your university experience. 

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